7 Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Certification Body

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Choosing a Certification Body? Things to consider… Accreditation Certification Bodies will audit your company to verify your Management Systems and Processes. The Bodies themselves are accredited by a central body to ensure they uphold the Principles of Certification.  The most familiar of these is UKAS.  Have a look at our blog: Why Choose a UKAS […]


ISO Accreditation Bodies Around the World

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In the UK we advise our clients to use a UKAS Accredited Certification Body. UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is recognised by the UK Government for providing accreditation services, and operates to strict codes of practice. Find out more: Why Choose a UKAS Certification Body? For these reasons, the UKAS ‘Crown and Tick’ logo carries […]


Preparing for an ISO Audit

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Inviting a Certification Body in to your organisation to assess your management system is a very daunting prospect, and those who probably fear it most are the staff who have not been involved in it’s development day-to-day. Here are some tips to prepare for an ISO audit. 1. Communicate the Purpose of the Audit. Ensuring […]


Using an ISO Consultant

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ISO Consultants

The ISO Consultant / Cert Body Relationship While there is a synergy between consultants and certification bodies, they remain very separate to avoid any conflict of interest. UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies will not offer consultancy, as this can compromise their position later in terms of verifying and certifying your management system. In contrast, consultants will […]